• Manufacturer Lifetime Material, Labor, and 25 Year Workmanship

Debris Removal

  • Equipter Debris Removal (no container in driveway)

Leak Barrier (Ice Guard)

  • Ice and water shield at all gutter edges, rake edges, valley’s, sidewall junctions, chimney’s, skylights, vent pipes, hip and ridge lines.
  • Enhanced double ply method at gutter edge, valley’s and sidewall junctions.
  • High Temperature ice and water detail under all valley and perimeter metals.

Wood Deck Protection

  • Synthetic Underlayment Deck Protection

Flashing System

  • 16 oz. copper or .040 Kynar finish aluminum flashing package.

Shingle Options

  • Enhanced self- sealed starter shingles at the gutter and outside rake edge.
  • Luxury or designer shingle line.
  • Enhanced hip and ridge cap shingles.

Ventilation System

  • Completely vented vinyl or aluminum soffit system and new fascia metal.
  • Complete baffled shingle over ridge vent system.