If you’re looking for a great way to brighten up that hallway, bathroom, or any other room for that matter; check into using skylights or sun tunnels instead of adding a light fixture. Nothing compares to the beauty of natural light when trying to brighten up that area! I urge you to check out this sweet little app from Velux, the world’s #1 manufacturer of natural light solutions. It’s free & available for both iPhone and Android users. Check out the demo video!

iTunes Store: Velux Skylight Planner
Google Play: Velux Skylight Planner

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Sometimes, especially in the world of roofing contractors, it’s tough to know exactly who you are inviting to potentially work on your home. Being that your home is your most valuable asset, wouldn’t you want to know it’s being worked on by only top flight professionals?

I’ve attached a document you can use when evaluating potential roofing contractors. Ask them if they can meet these guidelines; heck even have them sign off on it, before you sign anything. If a potential contractor can’t meet the guidelines in this document, you might be best off looking somewhere else BEFORE you sign on any dotted line. I urge any home owner in the Cleveland roofing market, to give us a call if you are just starting your search, or if you feel uncomfortable with the contractors you’ve met with so far.

Protect Your Home:

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We recently completed a project in the Holly Hills / The Woodlands development in Concord, OH. We noticed that many of the homes in this area are in need of a new roofs, siding, and gutters. Right now, we are offering pricing as low as $280 per month with $0 down to help jump start those summer projects.

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