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Are you one of the many homeowners dealing with roof leaks due to ice damming? With another bout of lake effect snow bearing down on Northeast Ohio, accompanied by temperatures well below freezing, the conditions may be just right for those nasty leaks to reappear. Ice related leaks normally occur due to a combination of the following:

  • Heat loss, due to inadequate insulation levels
  • Inadequate or obstructed attic ventilation
  • Architectural deficiencies
  • Lack of waterproofing membrane (ice guard) under the shingles

Increasing insulation R-Values, adding or clearing attic vents, installing ice guard or roof heat cables are all great options to help prevent leaks from happening.  These proactive measures can dramatically decrease the likelihood of unwanted leaks during the winter.  But what do you do when time does not allow for these proactive approaches?


  • Remove the snow with a snow rake from the ground before the snow starts to melt
  • If safe roof access is available, pour calcium chloride ice melter into an old pair of panty hose and lay them at the gutter edge in the effected areas.  This will create a channel for the melting snow to escape and not dam up at the gutter edge.
  • **Call a professional to have them remove the ice from the edge of the roof.

** Ensure that anyone working on your roof is not using an open flame, hammer, or axe to clear the ice from the gutter edge.  These methods may create additional damage to your home by permanently damaging the shingles.


Steam It Away!

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Our unique steam removal process uses extreme temperatures with low pressure to safely remove the ice without damaging the roof.  This IS NOT a power washer!  Power washers utilize hot water and not steam to remove the ice and the pressure is much higher than our steam machines even on the lowest setting.

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