Punishing winds blew through Northeast Ohio on Wednesday.

Wind speeds were clocked over 65 MPH all over our area yesterday.  If you did sustain storm damage and are unsure what the next steps are we can help!  Read below to see how RSR can help you through your insurance claim.


Claims Process for Runyon & Sons Roofing


Schedule a temporary repair

If you have incurred damage from the storm, the first step is to make sure that the damaged area is watertight and will not be susceptible to additional damage. If you believe that your home has been damaged to the point where an emergency repair is necessary, please let us know and we can mobilize a work order crew to come out and tarp in the area. Our initial service charge is $275 for the first hour of service and $150 plus material for all additional hours of work. In the event that an insurance claim is necessary to repair the damage, your insurance company almost always covers this expense.


If a temporary repair is necessary, our team members will document the damage with photos and written descriptions and turn the information over to one of our estimators. At this point, our estimators will discuss the damage with you and walk you through the next steps of the insurance process. At this time, we will also explain the subject to agreement form that allows us to negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf. Please note, by agreeing to the terms of this form you are in no way obligated to work with Runyon & Sons Roofing unless the insurance company approves the entire repair. We do require this agreement in writing before our estimators can discuss the claim with an adjuster.

File the Claim 

Once you are comfortable with the decision to file a claim, you must do so with your agent or carrier. The policy holder is the only person who can file a claim. Please let them know that you are working with our team and that one of our estimators will be happy to meet the adjuster at the time of the inspection.

Detailed Project Information

Prior to the inspection with the adjuster, our team members will create a detailed description list of any necessary repairs (exterior only) in a similar format to what the insurance adjuster is used to seeing. These items will be clarified with you to ensure that we are not missing anything and you do not miss out on any possible coverage.  

Adjuster Appointment

Our estimator will meet the adjuster onsite to discuss the project and the scope of work. At this time we will discuss the necessary repair items, building code requirements, and all necessary job funding to ensure that you receive the maximum value for your claim. In many instances our team is able to uncover additional items that should be included in most claims based on industry standards and local specifications in order to make sure your project is completed correctly.

Final Project Agreement

Once the scope of work has been negotiated and the insurance adjuster has secured a fair value for the project, our estimator will sit down with you to discuss the authorized work and coordinate the project. At this time many of our customers find that their only out of pocket expense for the project is their deductible. However, there are instances where items are not covered under the policy limits and additional work items can be discussed outside of the claim limits.



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