ROOF COATINGS – Get the Extra Mileage Out of Your Roof Investment

  • Up to 43% of leaky low-slope roofs* can be restored using advanced restoration technology… Advantages Of Restoration:
  • Conserves Cash… saves up to half the cost of a new roof; project can also be staged over several years for improved cash flow.
    Extends Life. . . adds up to 20 years to the life of the existing roof.
    – Energy savings as a result of using a reflective coating.
  • Peace Of Mind… manufacturers’ no-dollar-limit guarantees available up to 20 years.
    Minimal Disruption… installs significantly faster and with considerably less mess than a conventional new roof.
    Financial Flexibility. . . can often be capitalized or expensed (consult your tax advisor)
    (*Limited by condition of existing roof… must be in moderately good condition.)