Annual home improvement shows have been commonplace for years in cities all over the U.S. These venues allow contractors to showcase their products and services to interested homeowners. For many homeowners, it can become a one-stop shop to interview, discuss and in some cases even purchase these services. For many contractors and homeowners this is the good… However we at RSR subscribe to a different method, one that does not allow us to commoditize our services as just another roof, on just another house. A fancy booth or a clever “giveaway” will mean very little if the job completed is not effective in the end. We believe that meeting our prospective customers at their home to discuss the details of the upcoming project, big or small, is a far better way to determine if we are the right contractor for the job.   We invite you to stop by our office in Mentor or come with us to an active job site to see how we operate 52 weeks out of the year instead of 1 or 2 in the middle of winter.

This is not intended to deter anyone from visiting the local home shows that are hosted at various Cleveland expo centers. In fact, we wish all of the contractors and exhibitors the best of luck at these shows. However, just remember that a 10×10 or a 20×20 corner booth may not be enough space to tell the entire story.

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