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Why Runyon & Sons?

Runyon & Sons Roofing has been serving its community since 1962.  A family owned and operated company, we proudly employee over 40 skilled craftsmen who are dedicated to installing your new roof the right way.  As a GAF Master Elite Presidents Club award winner and a CertainTeed Select Shingle Master we install roofing systems that are built to last.  With the backing of the two largest shingle manufacturers in the U.S. we offer a lifetime material and labor warranty and a 25 year workmanship guarantee on almost all of our projects.  To learn more about our warranties visit our warranty comparison page here.

Step By Step

A true roof system must contain all of the components necessary to meet the shingle manufacturer specifications and the local building codes.


From Tear-off to clean up, we always strive to protect your property.  The use of the mobile equator dumpster allows us to provide better protection while being more productive!

Ice Guard

Ice guard is a self adhering sheet that is installed in all of the problem areas as an additional layer of protection against leaks before the shingles are installed.  Ohio Building code requires the use of this product at the gutter edge and in the valley’s, however, shingle manufacturers require it at all surface penetrations, wall junctions and skylights in order to meet top extended warranty programs.


Yet another layer of protection installed onto the roof surface before any shingles are installed.  The use of synthetic underlayment versus the old felt or tar paper has become common place for us.  The synthetic underpayments are stronger, more durable, lay flatter, and are are more breathable than the felts.


Roof flashings are constructed of metal and are installed in any area where the roofing intersects a vertical surface, penetration, or where two different roof surfaces come together. These areas include step flashing, apron flashing, pipe flashing, valley flashing, perimeter flashing, chimney flashing and skylight flashing.


When considering new shingles for your home, color is not the only thing you should consider.  While the majority of new roofs are replaced with dimensional shingles most homeowners are unaware that that there are different options to consider.  Different grades of dimensional shingles can have a very similar appearance but a very different level of functionality.  Items such as overall weight, wind rating, fire rating and warranty coverage period are all things to consider based on your existing situation.  Additionally, you may consider increasing your homes value and curb appeal by installing a designer shingle that may mimic the look of slate or wood shake.  Consider all of these items and not just color to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new roof.


When considering a new roof, ventilation is one of the most important aspects.  Meeting the FHA, Ohio Building Code, and manufacturer specifications may seem obvious but unfortunately is rarely accomplished.  Proper attic ventilation requires a balanced airflow system that is comprised of intake air and exhaust air.  This is most commonly achieved with ridge venting as the exhaust point and soffit venting as the intake component.  However, certain architectural designs, ventilation obstructions or additional vents can disrupt this calculation and dramatically effect the long term performance of a new roof.

Here’s a brief video to help understand the importance of ensuring proper intake and exhaust ventilation when installing a roof system: