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Gutter Talk

Gutter systems take more abuse from extreme weather conditions, particularly snow and ice, than any other component of the roofing system. They are subject to damage from falling tree limbs, as well as from the ladders of those trying to clear them from leaf and other debris.

Gutters are often sized according to the roof area they drain. Wider gutters may be required for certain roofing surface materials such as slate and tile, or on very steep pitched roofs to prevent water from over shooting the gutter. In heavy snow areas, snow guards should be used to prevent build-up that may loosen or tear gutters completely off. Downspouts are used to funnel the water down to storm drainage systems, preventing water damage to the building’s foundation. Downspouts can also funnel water to collection bins, where it can be stored and used for things like lawn and water gardening, this method is known as “grey water recycling.”

Gutter Styles

“K” style gutters are the mostly commonly used in North America. They come mostly in 5″ & 6″ widths. The “K” style lends itself well to most architectural styles and is easy to install and maintain.

Half-Round gutters are a European style. Half-Rounds give your home or business an old-world feel. It’s truly a timeless look that will make you the envy of the neighborhood. They can be embossed with decorative marking as well.

Flat Back gutters are mostly used on commercial business buildings. They are much wider than residential home gutters and are usually custom fabricated for size. Flat Backs are often made from heavy gauge steel, aluminum, or copper.

Gutter Material

Aluminum gutters come in a range of pre-painted finishes. They are easily formed on the job site for quick and easy installation. The joints are sealed, but cannot be soldered together, making them subject to expansion and contraction.

Galvanized steel is a strong base metal. It can be soldered together at the seam to make a water tight seal. They require painting and maintenance to ensure a long term life of service. Unpainted steel gutters are subject to corrosion and rust.

Copper gutters are a great over all investment for any home owner. It has soldered joints, is maintenance free, and has strong architectural appeal. Copper will never rust and will provide many more years of service compared to aluminum or steel.

Gutter Maintenance

Leaf Protection: Today, many people are trying to make their homes as maintenance free as possible. One dreaded chore is cleaning your gutters each spring and fall. Here at Runyon & Sons we offer a few different options to help you . All of our leaf protection products can be installed on either new or existing gutters. Call us now for your free estimate and to see which leaf protection options may be right for your home. Gutter Cleaning: Gutters filled with leaves can cause thousands of dollars in collateral damage to both the inside and outside of your home. Let Runyon & Sons take care of this dreaded chore in a professional and safe manner. Another option is the installation of leaf protection guards. There are over 90 different styles on the market today, but make no mistake, none of them are truly maintenance free for a lifetime. In many cases, numerous cleanings may still be more affordable than leaf guards.

Heat Cables

In Northeast Ohio, snow and ice are always a problem. Gutters take massive amounts of abuse due snow buildups and ice dams. In some cases, these problems cannot always be corrected in a proper or cost effective manner. Sometimes, ice dam problems may be in an inaccessible area with no insulation or in an area where there is no possible way to achieve proper ventilation.

Runyon & Sons uses only high-quality Raychem heat cables to help solve these problems. These heavy-duty heat cables are far superior to anything you will find at the major home improvement stores. Installed in the proper “W” fashion, like in the picture above, the cables stop the buildup of snow at the eaves and prevent water from freezing inside the gutters. This ensures that water keeps flowing through the gutter system like it should all winter long. They are a very affordable and effective alternative to major reconfiguration of the home’s insulation or ventilation issues. Best of all, they can be wired directly to a switch for manual operation or they can be wired to a thermostat which will automatically begin heating when the ambient temperature falls below freezing. If your home is experiencing ice dam problems, call Runyon & Sons today to see if heat cables may be a solution for you.

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