The most common storm damage claims that we see in Northeast Ohio are related to hail, wind or  damage from falling objects. In some instances, the damage is easily identifiable and a claim can be handled without issue.

However, there are other types of damage that may not be so easy to identify and that’s when you will want to have someone acting on your behalf that understands the warning signs to look for. With over fifty years of service in the roofing industry, our team is very qualified to help with all types of insurance mitigation, to ensure that you are getting everything you are entitled too from your insurance company. Please give us a call or fill out our contact form for a free inspection.

Here are some things to consider if you are ever in storm damage situation:


It’s always a good idea to keep records for any major home improvement project. Make sure that the documents specify when the work was performed, what products were used, and a detailed description of the work performed. The insurance company is required to replace the system to its condition before the damage occurred not to the minimum specification.

Check Your Policy BEFORE Something Happens

The insurance company is required to replace the roof to its condition before the storm damage occurred unless you have a code compliant or code upgrade clause in your policy. If the preexisting roof does not meet the city or state building codes, the insurance company is required to pay for any additional items to ensure the new roof is up to code.


Once an adjuster has identified damage and has agreed to “buy your roof” you will receive a check from your insurance company. STOP… before you hire a contractor that is only focused on getting you a free roof, make sure you are getting everything you are entitled too. It is very rare that everything is accounted for on the first estimate, so be aware of the contractor that is willing to put on a roof, even its not correct.

You are not Required To Hire A “Preferred” Insurance Contractor

You can hire any contractor that you see as the best for your current situation. An insurance company may recommend a contractor based on their own interest versus yours. Keep in mind, that if they have to give
additional funding for omitted items it may require a lot more paperwork for the adjuster.

Storm Chasers are a Real Thing

National roofing companies have made a killing tracking and chasing storms around the country. They identify areas that have been hit with damaging storms and send in their sales team to land as many jobs as they can before moving onto the next storm. In almost all cases, the work that has been sold is brokered out to local subcontractors or traveling subcontractors to complete the actual work. The problem is that homeowners are left on their own to chase down large national companies if they ever have a roof related issue down the road.