Ice Damming and Heat Loss

Homeowner had been dealing with major ice damming for a period of years prior to contacting RSR.  Due to some architectural variables including cathedral ceilings and insufficient ventilation, certain adjustments were required to solve this issue.

Proposed Solution- In order to correct the issues our project consultant and the homeowner decided to implement the following:

  • With the roof removed install additional amounts of insulation
  • Install ventilation baffles on top of the insulation and under the roof sheathing to allow for airflow
  • Install additional ice guard to ensure that in the event backup occurs due to melt patterns, leaking will not occur.
  • Increasing the soffit (intake ventilation) and ridge vent (exhaust ventilation) to meet FHA and industry standards

 The Work

  • Installed the 5-Star CertainTeed Integrity Roof System utilizing the Landmark Premium Shingle
  • Some deck replacement was necessary due to a compromised substrate
  • 9′ of leak barrier (ice guard) was installed at all eaves and 3′ at all wall junctions, valley’s and protrusions
  • Insulation was installed along with ventilation baffles
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The Outcome 

  • The new roof dramatically enhanced the curb appeal of an already beautiful home
  • The upgraded insulation helped to reduce the ice dams and increase the comfort levels of the home
  • The additional ice guard has prevented any additional leaking since the completion of the job in 2012

Don’t Take it From Us 

“This is an amazingly professional company. After our experience with them I cannot imagine using another roofer. The insulation has made a huge difference in energy costs and comfort. They use an iPad to document/photograph every phase of the roof replacement. Each job has a foreman and on site supervisor. Each and every concern was promptly addressed. Plants were protected via scaffolding all around the house. Daily clean up meant that not one nail was found on the ground or driveway.”

-Homeowner in Chardon