Project: Lakewood Country Club, Clubhouse


Location: Westlake, Ohio

Project Overview: New 40,000 square foot clubhouse at the Lakewood Country Club.  Runyon & Sons Roofing was hired as the roofing contractor for this project through PCS Builders LLC and was responsible for both the shingle and flat roof.  The design called for a heavy weight shingle that would help to create the new “French Style Clubhouse” and a low slope roof that would hold up against the elements and offer the advantage of a more reflective surface.

Products Used:

Shingle Roof System: Install the CertainTeed 5-Star Integrity Roof system

Shingles Used: Chestnut, CertainTeed Presidential Shake, Presidential Starter Shingles, Cedar Crest Ridge Caps

Ice Guard: CertainTeed WinterGuard High Temperature

Underlayment: CertainTeed Diamond Deck Synthetic Felt

Flashing Systems: .032-.040 Kynar Finish Aluminum

Ventilation System: DCI Smart Vent (Exhaust), Aluminum Perforated Soffit (Intake)

Warranty: CertainTeed 5-Star Extended Sure Start Plus


Flat Roof System: Firestone TPO

Membrane Thickness: .060 White TPO

Fastening: Fully Adhered

Insulation: Tapered Insulation, Cover Board

Warranty: Firestone 20 Year NDL


Project Planning:

Timing: Our focus was ensuring that once the other trades were ready for our crews, that we could keep the building watertight for the duration of the project.  Our project manager and supervisor developed strategies that allowed us to follow directly behind the carpenters and dry the new roof substrate with roofing materials as soon as the new wood was in place.  Using very high quality ice guard and synthetic underlayment, instead of standard grade materials and felt were essential to executing this plan.

Ventilation: Providing adequate and balanced ventilation to such a large structure with so many activities that can change temperature and humidity levels from room to room was very challenging.  Working with different manufacturers we were able to develop a natural ventilation system that meets and exceeds the industry standards.

Water Drainage:  Because the the large flat roof is surrounded on all four sides by a large parapet wall, we realized that the flat roof system would need to sloped to internal drainage systems.  Working around large kitchen and HVAC units required us to build additional water drainage saddles to ensure that the new roof would not hold water.

Additional Work:  Once the new Presidential Shake roof was in place the board decided that the surrounding buildings needed updating as well.  In addition to the new clubhouse roof, we also installed new roofs on the pool house, caddie shack, and tennis building.  The pool house roof also featured new copper pan seam barrel roofs that are pictured below.


Project Outcome:

The final product at Lakewood Country Club far exceeded our expectations.  The new building features a traditional and elegant feel that has already been featured in the highly esteemed Properties Magazine.  This new roof should also create an ora of confidence that it was done correctly and fully guaranteed against material, labor, and workmanship failure for the next 25 years!

Customer Comments:


“It was a pleasure to work with Runyon & Sons Roofing during our project. We constructed a new 40,000 square foot clubhouse. Patrick Stenger, our sales representative, was truly interested in the successful completion of of our complex roofing system from the very start of the bidding process to the conclusion of the project.
I was pleased with the product, service and expertise of his company. Specifically, Patrick and the Runyon team were great to work with…..honest and transparent. Their crews were diligent and on the job consistantly every day while never missing the opportunity to work when the weather permitted. Runyon workers were the best sub-trade on our job. Thank you.”

Stephen Cooke
Lakewood Country Club
President, Board of Directors
Construction Chairman

“PCS Builders, LLC. engaged Runyon & Sons Roofing as a subcontractor for the asphalt shingle, TPO roofing and standing seam copper roofing for the new Lakewood Country Club, Clubhouse project in 2013. Runyon far exceeded the expectations set forth for this project and delivered a flawless roofing system with a superior warranty. Their management style from the office to the field was seamless and the project was delivered successfully. Dealing with Runyon was a pleasure from the start to the completion of this project and they will always be considered for future roofing projects. – Jeremy Campbell, PCS Builders, LLC.  Thank you.”

Jeremy Campbell
Project Manager