Having trouble picturing your new roof or siding job?  Try out the latest version of the CertainTeed interactive Color View tool to help!  With this easy to use tool you can select different styles and colors of shingles, metal roofs, siding, trim, and even stone on various types of pre loaded homes.  Once you have found your perfect match, email your design to a friend or post it to your favorite social media outlet right from the page.

Give it a try here!  

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CertainTeed Roofing Presidential Shake

CertainTeed Roofing Presidential Shake TL Shingle

Beautiful CertainTeed Roofing Presidential Shake TL Shingle and standing seam roof completed in 2013 by Runyon & Sons Roofing.

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Most contractors only provide one
shingle choice for homeowners!




This usually results in a homeowner selecting a similar product to their neighbors and only differentiating themselves by color.  Instead, consider the following when deciding what the right choice is for your home and style.

  1. A recent study conducted by The National Realtors Association shows that on average the value of a house that had a designer shingle look increased by 6%.
  2. Asphalt shingles can visually mimic the look of slate tile or wood shakes to preserve or restore the original character of the house.
  3. Professional designers and architects state that a roof makes up 40% of a homes curb appeal.


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Ever wonder what goes on before the shingles?

Or why an attic inspection during an estimate is so important?

Feel free to visit our office and learn about the different materials that are installed on your roof. Understanding the difference between the products and the different installation techniques is essential to choosing the correct roof solution


Attic Inspection


The Shingle Process


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