Are you experiencing a leak due to ice build up on your roof?  Or perhaps you are concerned that if you do not take action soon, you will start to see that dreaded bubbling on your ceiling?  Fear not, we can help you with either of these situations! RSR utilizes high temperature, low pressure steam removal units to melt away ice dams without the risk of damaging the roof by using high pressure systems or axes…yes, some people actually use axes!  How does the service work?

  • Our crews will need the use of a water source and also an electrical connection to run the Arctic Steamer.
  • We can normally clear about 10Ft. of gutter per hour.
  • Typical jobs last about 1-4 Hrs.  
  • By clearing the entire gutter, the repair lasts much longer than if we were simply chipping channels into the ice block.  
  • RSR has a fleet of 3 Arctic Steamers to accommodate many customers.  

Below you will see the differences between steam ice removal and high pressure ice removal.  THEY ARE VERY DIFFERENT!!


(Image Courtesy of “The Ice Dam Company” 1515 South 5th Street
Hopkins, MN 55343)

Hourly Rates are as follows:

$300 for the first hour service (Includes set-up time) 

$175 for each additional hour after

Click here to see the steamer in action.

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Whether you call them ice dams, ice jams, ice backup, or ice leaks we can help!

Remove Damaging Ice With the Gentleness of Steam!

Don’t hammer and chisel that ice away this winter. Chances are that will cause more damage than the ice itself. Let the roofing professionals at Runyon & Sons Roofing, remove the ice in a way that is kind and gentle to your home!

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“What do you mean that leak isn’t covered under my warranty?”


A sentence that many Northeast Ohio homeowners have echoed a lot over the past few weeks.  As frustrating as this sentence is to hear, it is the stance of every shingle roofing manufacturer.  Even the most comprehensive warranties do not cover ice dam leaks due to the unpredictable nature of how and why they form.  However, there are things that homeowners can do to protect themselves.

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Are you one of the many homeowners dealing with roof leaks due to ice damming? With another bout of lake effect snow bearing down on Northeast Ohio, accompanied by temperatures well below freezing, the conditions may be just right for those nasty leaks to reappear. Ice related leaks normally occur due to a combination of the following:

  • Heat loss, due to inadequate insulation levels
  • Inadequate or obstructed attic ventilation
  • Architectural deficiencies
  • Lack of waterproofing membrane (ice guard) under the shingles

Increasing insulation R-Values, adding or clearing attic vents, installing ice guard or roof heat cables are all great options to help prevent leaks from happening.  These proactive measures can dramatically decrease the likelihood of unwanted leaks during the winter.  But what do you do when time does not allow for these proactive approaches?


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