With fall in the air, your thoughts may turn to what needs to be done to your home before winter sets in. Many tasks are done much more easily when the weather is still nice.

Here are eight fall home maintenance tasks to tackle now.

1) Remove leaves. Not only do you want the leaves out of your gutters, you want them off your roof and your lawn.

2) Repair any damage to your roof. Anywhere you had shingle damage needs to be fixed and replaced – if water can get under your shingles, it can get into your home and cause damage.

3) Check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. It’s smart to test the devices and replace the batteries every six months, making this a chore for fall and spring.

4) Change filters in heating and air conditioning units. While some filters are advertised to last several months, people with pets or old houses with a lot of dust should change filters monthly.

5) Caulk around the windows. Caulking wears out after a few years.

6) Repair, add or replace weather stripping. Good weather stripping on exterior doors can save energy and help you feel more comfortable during the colder months.

7) Trim trees. In cold climates, you want to keep weak branches that may become weighed down with snow from falling on your house or car. In warmer climates, you want to avoid wind damage.

8) Change the direction of ceiling fans. Fans are set to run counterclockwise in summer, which creates a cool breeze under the fan. But they should run clockwise in winter.

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